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Troubleshoot your SMTP email connection
Troubleshoot your SMTP email connection
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Updated Apr 14, 2023

Common troubleshooting solutions when connecting an email account with SMTP to Dubsado.

If you’re still having trouble connecting after trying the below methods, then send our customer care team a chat or email us at

Disconnect and reconnect your email address

Sometimes the connection with your email host may expire, so you’ll have to reconnect your email address to Dubsado even if you’ve connected it before.

Go to Settings (gear icon) >> Emails to disconnect and reconnect your email. You may need to also update your SPF record again.

Double-check server and port settings

Selecting Other as your email provider allows you to customize the server and port settings for the connection.

arrow pointing to dropdown option labeled other

Your email provider decides the server name and port settings. We’ve compiled common servers and ports in this article. If your provider isn’t listed, search your specific email provider’s help center for outgoing SMTP server and port settings.

Try a different port and SSL combination

You may have to try different port numbers even if your email provider recommended a specific one. Listed below are four port numbers that can be tried with Use SSL turned on or off, resulting in eight possible combinations:

  • Port 25

  • Port 465

  • Port 587

  • Port 2525

Verify if you need an app-specific password

To increase security, some email providers don’t allow you to connect SMTP with your regular password. To connect, you may need an app-specific password generated by your email provider. For example, Zoho and Apple require app-specific passwords.

Create a new SPF record with your domain

For custom domains, go to to double-check that you have a valid SPF record. If you don’t have a valid SPF record, create an SPF record to improve email deliverability.

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