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Troubleshoot your SMTP email connection
Troubleshoot your SMTP email connection
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Updated Feb 15, 2024

If you’re having issues connecting an email account with SMTP to Dubsado, below are some common troubleshooting solutions.

👋 Here's a tip... These troubleshooting tips are only if you connect your email with SMTP, not if you connect an email with Google or connected with Microsoft.

Automatic server information may need to be filled in manually

From Settings > Emails > Use SMTP, you’ll see a list of email providers to choose from. If you get errors when selecting your email provider from the list, then it’s possible that there was an error when trying to automatically connect.

We recommend selecting Other and then manually inputting a server name and port number instead.

Your email provider decides the server name and port settings. For Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator, Namecheap, SiteGround, Yahoo, or Zoho, we’ve compiled their server and port numbers into an article.

For all other email providers, please go directly to their help center and search for “outgoing SMTP server and port settings”.

👋 Here’s a tip… If you are still encountering errors when connecting, you may need to try multiple port number combinations. Below are port numbers that can be tried with Use SSL checked on or off, resulting in six possible combinations:

  • Port 465

  • Port 587

  • Port 2525

You may need to use a unique password instead of your regular password

If you definitely entered your correct username and password in Dubsado but are still getting an error, you may need to use an app-specific password generated by your email provider. This is because some email providers increase their security measures by using a unique password when connecting with third-party applications.

Common email providers that require an app-specific password include:

You’ll want to go directly to your email provider’s help center for guidance on how to generate an app-specific password. After you’ve created the app-specific password, enter that unique password in Dubsado.

Autofill entered the wrong username and password

When selecting an email provider, if you see a username and password filled in automatically, your browser may be pulling in your credentials for Dubsado, instead of the credentials for your email provider.

Delete the autofilled text and manually type in your username and password for your email provider.

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