If you are trying to connect an email account using SMTP, and are having some troubles, you've come to the right place!

👋 Here's a tip... these troubleshooting steps are only if you chose Use SMTP when you connected your email. If you connected using Google or Microsoft, check out those articles for more information or reach out to our Customer Success team via chat or email hello@dubsado.com.

1. Select "Other" for your email provider

Selecting Other as your email provider will allow you to fully customize the server and port settings for the connection.

Your email provider will provide you with the server name and port settings, usually through a help article. You are looking for outgoing servers and ports.

Here are a few links for common providers:

2. Don't use autofill for your email username and password

Under Email Credentials, you will need to fill in the username and password that you use to access your email account outside of Dubsado.

If you see your username and password filled in automatically, delete the text and type them in fresh. Your browser is often pulling in your Dubsado username and password here, instead of your email credentials.

3. Check your email provider's requirements for an app-specific password.

If you are entering your correct username and password, but are still getting an error, you might need an app-specific password.

To increase security, some email providers do not allow you to connect SMTP with your real password. Apple and Yahoo! require an app-specific password.

4. Try a different port and SSL combination

Sometimes email providers don't keep their documentation updated with the correct SMTP settings to use. If that's the case, trying a different port and SSL on/off combination could help. You can also reach out to your email provider for assistance.

Here are some combinations to try:

  • Port 25 with Use SSL un-checked

  • Port 26 with Use SSL un-checked

  • Port 465 with Use SSL checked

  • Port 587 with Use SSL checked

5. Test your connection by sending and receiving emails from Dubsado

After connecting your email to Dubsado with SMTP and adjusting your forwarding settings for incoming emails, it doesn't hurt to test things out.

Set up a test project with a client that has a different email than the one you connected to Dubsado. This could be another email address you have or the email of a friend helping you test!

Then, send an email out through the project and then have the "client" reply. Allow a few minutes to see emails arrive in Dubsado.

6. Reach out to our Customer Success team

Still having troubles? We are happy to help! Send us a chat from inside your account or email hello@dubsado.com.

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