NOTE: These instructions are not for gmail or gsuite users.

Every email always gets connected but it just might take finding that sweet spot for your connection.  It could be different than what your host provides.

Choose the OTHER option in the USE SMTP dropdown. You are going to want to find the SERVER and PORT to connect outgoing emails from your email host.  Once you have that, first try the connection your host provides. Your username is your email and password is the password to your email.

If that connection that your host provides does not give you a success message pop up, try ALL of the following combinations: 

  • PORT: 25 with secure checked

  • PORT: 25 with secure un-checked

  • PORT: 26 with secure checked

  • PORT: 26 with secure un-checked

  • PORT: 465 with secure checked

  • PORT: 465 with secure un-checked

  • PORT: 587 with secure checked

  • PORT: 587 with secure un-checked

If it loads and does not give a success message, that option did not work.
If it provides an error, that option did not work.

If your email, password, and server are correct one of these options will work for you.  Just try all we listed.

Once you get a success pop up, SAVE that pop up AND save the entire page.

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