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Take a tour of your Dubsado dashboard.

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Updated Apr 7, 2023

The dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you log into your Dubsado account. Important information and pending actions are shown on your dashboard so you can stay up to date with what’s happening in your business.

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arrow pointing to bell notification

Click the bell icon in the navigation bar to see all recent payments, submitted forms, and new leads. You can also customize the notifications.

Financial indicators

screenshot of financial indicator cards

Financial goals

Set a monthly or yearly financial goal for your business by clicking the pencil icon. Dubsado will track gross income during the specified time frame. Expenses are not factored in.

To see income from previous months or years, go to Reporting >> Chart of Accounts and filter by date.

Open invoices

See the total amount of all outstanding invoices. To review a list of all your invoices, head to Accounting >> Invoices.

Revenue indicator

See your growth over the last 30 rolling days. It compares the current month to previous months and displays that change as a percentage.

A revenue indicator of N/A means you may not have any transactions for the current month yet.


screenshot of recent card

Shows pending items that need your attention. Click on the individual item for more information.

  • Invoices: See invoices with missed payments. Invoices must have a payment plan.

  • Contracts: See signed contracts that need your counter signature.

  • Workflow: See workflow actions that are waiting for your manual approval.

  • Shows a shortcut to our updates page where you can learn about our latest feature releases.


Your calendar shows all events created by Dubsado and any events on your synced external calendar. Click on any of the events to see more information.

Choose different calendar views to fit your needs — switch between overview, monthly, or weekly views.

arrow pointing to calendar view button

Calendar colors (colors can’t be customized at this time):

  • Blue: Projects with a job status.

  • Black: Projects with a lead status.

  • Green: Appointments.

  • Purple: Tasks with due dates.

  • Yellow: Events imported from your connected calendar.

  • Red: Payment plan installments due. Click to go directly to the client’s invoice.


screenshot of financials card

Compare your income, expenses, and profit over two different date ranges that you set.


screenshot of tasks card

Tasks that are assigned to you under Assignee will show on the dashboard. Tasks that aren’t assigned to you will only appear under Tasks.


arrow pointing to settings and box around dashboard link

Go to Settings (the gear icon) >> Dashboard to view dashboard settings.

  • Use the toggle to hide financial indicators from your dashboard.

  • Change dashboard colors by selecting a color scheme. The color scheme is only visible to you in Dubsado — it is not visible to your clients. To change the color scheme that clients see, customize your brand color.

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