The dashboard is the very first thing you’ll see when you log into your Dubsado account. The most important information and pending actions are shown on your dashboard so you can always stay up to date with what’s happening in your business.

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Dashboard notifications

To view all recent notifications on your account activity, click on the bell icon in the top navigation bar. This will show all recent payments, submitted forms, and new leads! You can also customize the notifications you receive.

Financial indicators

Financial Goals

Set a financial goal for your business and see how much progress you’ve made. Click the pencil icon to enter your financial goal and select whether it’s a monthly or yearly goal. The goal counts gross income recorded in Dubsado and does not factor in any expenses.

Open Invoices

This card shows you the total of all your outstanding invoices. To review a list of all your invoices, head to Accounting >> Invoices.

Revenue Indicator

This indicator shows your growth over the last 30 rolling days. It compares where you are today vs. 30 days ago and displays that change as a percentage.

👋 Here's a tip... the financial indicators can be turned off under Settings (the gear icon) >> Dashboard.


The Recent card shows all of the pending items that need your attention. Click on any of the items to see invoices with missed payments (requires a payment plan), contracts that need your counter signature, or workflow actions that need approval.

We also have a shortcut to our release notes, where you can learn about our latest feature releases.


Choose between an agenda-style overview, a more traditional calendar view, or a weekly view (shown above). This will show all events created by Dubsado as well as any events on your synced external calendar.

You can click on any of the events or Show Details to view more information. Click on any payment due to manually send an email reminder!

Here is a guide to the calendar colors:

  • Blue - projects with a job status

  • Black - projects with a lead status

  • Green - appointments

  • Purple - Tasks with due dates 

  • Yellow - Events imported from your connected calendar

  • Red - Payment plan installments due

Customizing the calendar colors is not possible at this time.


Compare your income, expenses, and profit over two different date ranges that you set. Similar to the Revenue Indicator, but you are choosing which dates to compare!


This is where you will see any tasks with due dates or tasks that have been assigned to you. If the task does not have a due date or assignee, it will be under the Tasks tab in the main menu.

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