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Creating and Managing Tasks
Creating and Managing Tasks
Manage your todo list, right within Dubsado.
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Have something that needs to get done? Add a task in Dubsado! It's a quick, no-fuss way to keep track of your todo list.

Manually Creating Tasks

To create a task:

  1. Head to the Tasks page from the main menu.

  2. Click Add Task.

  3. Type your task into the Body field.

  4. Optionally assign a due date, project, and/or assignee (multi-user) if desired.

  5. Check Make Task Private if you want this task only visible to you.

  6. Click Save.

Tasks can also be created:

  • From your dashboard under the Tasks section.

  • Under the Tasks tab of any project. Creating a task within a project will automatically assign it to that project.

  • Automatically as part of a workflow using the Create Todo action.


Viewing and Managing Tasks

Tasks Page

To get a complete view of all of your tasks, head to the Tasks page from the main menu. Here, you will see general tasks as well as tasks assigned to specific projects.

  • Click on the circle checkbox icon to complete the task.

  • There are also options to duplicate or delete a task.

  • Click anywhere on the task to make changes.

From the top of the screen, you can filter by assignee by clicking on the "All" dropdown. The default view shows all tasks assigned and unassigned.

You can also filter by task status - complete, incomplete, or both. The default view shows incomplete tasks only.


Only tasks specifically assigned to you will appear on the dashboard under the Tasks section. If you do not see a task here, it might not have a due date or it might be assigned to someone else, so check the main Tasks page.

Project Tasks Tab

The Tasks tab within a project will show all of the tasks assigned to that specific project.


If you set a due date on a task, it will appear on your Dubsado calendar and export to any external calendars you have connected to Dubsado with the export option turned on. Completing a task removes it from the calendar view.



Are "tasks" and "todos" the same thing?

They sure are!

Can I create a recurring task?

No. Each task must be created individually at this time.

Can I assign tasks to clients?

No. But you can create and share a task board with your client, which they can view in their portal.

What happens when I assign a task to one of my multi-users?

Will I get reminders to complete a task?

No. If you would like to automate a reminder for a task, and that task is part of your standard client process, consider generating tasks automatically with the Create Todo workflow action. This workflow action has an option to send an email reminder when the task is created!

If I set a due date on a task, will it block off my scheduler availability?

Nope! The event created on your calendar will be automatically marked as free/available.

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