You have the option to assign tasks to yourself or one of your multi-users. Just select the user you'd like to assign from the Assignee dropdown while creating or editing the task.

If you check the Make Task Private box, this will hide the task from all other users on the brand other than yourself. It will also automatically assign the task to you.

If you assign a task to one of your multi-users, they will receive an email notification to let them know. The email will include the body of the task.



Do I have to assign tasks to myself?

No, adding an assignee to a task is not required. If you do not work with a team or assistant and all the tasks you create are for you, there is no need to assign every task to yourself. However, only the tasks with due dates or tasks assigned to you will appear on your dashboard. So if you like seeing tasks on your dashboard, that would be a reason to assign them to yourself!

If I have assigned a project to a multi-user, will all the tasks I create inside that project be automatically assigned to them?

No. Tasks must be individually assigned. If you have a basic multi-user, you must assign them to any task you want them to see. Basic multi-users can only see tasks to which they have been assigned, even if those tasks are in a project the basic multi-user is assigned to.

Can I assign tasks to clients?

No. But you can create and share a task board with your client, which they can view in their portal.

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