If you work with an assistant or other team members in your business, adding them as multi-users is the easiest, most secure way to provide them with access to your Dubsado account.

Never share your Dubsado password with anyone, even temporarily. By inviting an assistant or team member as a multi-user on your account:

  • You can restrict access to projects, invoices, contracts, or templates by setting an appropriate user role.
  • Your team member will use their own log in, so you can see what actions they have taken within projects by checking the activity log.
  • You have the ability to remove the multi-user at any time to revoke access to your account, ensuring your data remains secure if you part ways.

You'll need:

  • A paid Dubsado plan (not available to trial users)
  • The email address(es) of the team member(s) you'd like to invite. If any team member already has an existing Dubsado account, use that email address.


Adding a Multi-User

  1. Go to your Settings (the gear icon) >> Multi-users.
  2. Click Invite New Users.
  3. In the popup modal, type in your team member's email address.
  4. Select the user role you'd like them to have.
  5. Click Save.


Accepting a Multi-User Invitation

  1. Dubsado will send an email invite to your team member from your connected email address.
  2. Your team member will sign up for a new Dubsado account or login if they have an existing account. They do not need a paid account.
  3. Once the invite has been accepted, their status will show on the Multi-users page in your settings.
  4. You can remove a multi-user from your account at any time by clicking the trash can icon next to them in the list.
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