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Create a project

Manually create a new project for working with a client.

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Updated Jun 23, 2023

Creating a project is the first step before working with a new client. This article covers how to create a new project manually. To create a new project automatically, use a lead capture form.

For information on project statuses, click here. To create or change a project status, click here.

How to manually create a project:

  1. Go to Projects.

  2. Click New Project.

    screenshot of new project button
  3. Enter a Project Title that describes your service. For example, "Brand Photography".

  4. Under Client, select an existing client from the dropdown.

    • If your client isn’t in Dubsado yet, click Create New Client and fill in the client's name and email.

  5. Under Status, select a project status.

  6. Tags, notes, and project dates are all optional.

  7. Click Create Project.

To change the project title, open the project and click on the title in the sidebar.

gif of changing the project title

Projects can’t be duplicated. Instead of duplicating, create a new project even for repeat clients.

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