Creating a project is the first step before working with a new client. This article covers how to create a new project manually, but you can also use a lead capture form to bring in new clients and set up projects automatically.

  1. Go to the Projects page in the main menu.

  2. Click New Project.

  3. Enter a project title. This should be a short description of what you're doing for the client, like "Brand Photography."

  4. Select an existing client from the dropdown list, or click Create New Client and fill in the client's first name, last name, and email.

  5. Select a status for the project. You can select Lead: No Status for a client that is not booked yet, or Job: No Status for a client that is already booked. If you created custom statuses, you could select one here.

  6. Click Create Project.


How do I change the project title?

To change the project title, open the project and click on the title in the project sidebar. Edit the title, then click the check mark to save your changes.

Should I add a date?

It's up to you! If the project is focused on a specific event, such as a wedding or special meeting, we recommend setting that date as the project date. You can click Add Dates at the bottom of the new project modal, or click Set Date at the top of the project sidebar once inside the project.

Who is the client?

The client associated with the project is the main point of contact. They'll be the one to receive any emails, forms, and invoices you send. You can create as many projects as you'd like with the same client, but each project can only have one client.

What does "no status" mean?

The term "no status" just means you're not selecting a custom status under the Leads or Jobs status categories. Learn more about project statuses.

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