Open up your project and click on the title text itself and it will become editable. You can do the same for the project date by clicking "Set Date." If a date is already set, hover over the date and an "X" will appear... click that to clear the date so you can set it again!

This comes in handy if you want to re-name your projects after you learn more details. Project dates in particular can be used to trigger workflow actions and payment schedule reminder emails, so you'll want to be sure the date is set correctly. 


Tips on Setting a Project Date

One-Day Events

Remember, you can always set the same start and end date for a one-day event! Un-check "All Day" if you would like to set specific start and end times.

Ongoing and Long Projects

If your projects tend to span many months or don't have a set end date, we recommend setting the same start and end date for your project. Otherwise, the project will span a long period of time on your calendar.

Which date you choose depends on your needs. You may want to set the date to the start of working together so that you can autofill the project start date on your contract using a smart field. Or if you have a pre-determined "delivery" or "in-hands" date, you may want to set that so you can automate workflow actions and payment reminders around that date.

What if I don't use dates for my projects?

That's ok! You don't need to set a project date. Follow the advice above on ongoing projects, as you may wish to set a date for automation purposes.

Scheduler Availability

The "Show me as" setting controls whether the calendar event created for this project will be designated as Available or Busy. This directly affects your availability when using the Scheduler:

  • Available: This means you are "free" during the project date range on the calendar and the Dubsado scheduler will ignore this event when determining your availability. You will be shown as available for other appointments, even with this project on your calendar.
  • Busy: This means you are unavailable during the event on the calendar and the Dubsado scheduler will block off this time and not allow appointments to be scheduled. Only use this option when you want to be unavailable for Dubsado scheduler appointments during the date range you set.

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