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Our tips for the best experience when using more than one brand.
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When managing more than one brand, follow our best practices for the best experience.

Settings and Integrations

Most settings are managed separately for each brand so that you can fully customize your experience. For example, in each brand you can:

  • Connect a different payment processor

  • Bill clients in a different currency

  • Connect a different email address

  • Set different notification preferences

  • Invite different multi-users

A few settings remain constant across your whole account, no matter which brand you log into. Those settings are:

  • Login settings

  • Billing

  • Affiliate dashboard and code

  • Your connected external calendar account (although you can change which calendars from your account sync in each brand, see Managing Your Calendar below).

Switching Between Brands

To switch from one brand to another, just click on your logo in the top right corner of your account and select the name of the brand you would like to switch to. No need to log in separately!

We recommend refreshing your page after switching brands so that everything is up to date.

Managing Templates

Templates are not shared across brands. When you create a template (form, canned email, package, etc.) in one brand, it will not automatically create that template in your other brand.

However, our team can help you copy form templates from one brand to another! Please see this article for more information and restrictions.

Managing Your Calendar

You can only sync one external calendar account to your entire Dubsado account at a time. This means that the same calendar account you sync in Brand A will also be the calendar account synced in Brand B.

Dubsado-created events (i.e. projects, appointments, dated tasks) will only appear on the calendar of the brand in which they were created. You will not see events from Brand A when you are looking at your calendar in Brand B.

Using More than One Brand at the Same Time

For all of our extreme multi-taskers out there... yes, this is possible!

DO: Use an Incognito Window

While logged into Dubsado in your main browser window, you can open an incognito window (sometimes called a private window) and log into Dubsado again. You can then have a separate brand open in each window. This would also work with two separate browsers (i.e. one brand open in Chrome and one open in Firefox).

DON'T: Have More Than One Brand Open in the Same Browser

Trying to use two different Dubsado brands at the same time within the same browser window (even within separate tabs) will not work. Remember to refresh the page when you switch from one brand to another or use an incognito window to simultaneously use a separate brand.

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