Canned Emails are templates for emails that you send time and time again. If you've sent the same email to more than three clients in the past, create it as a template so you never need to type it out from scratch again.

Here are some ideas for Canned Emails:

  • Thank You for Reaching Out

  • I'm Available for Your Project

  • We're Not a Good Fit / I'm Unavailable

  • Welcome and Onboarding Instructions

  • Check-Ins / Status Updates

  • Pre-Event Tips and Information

  • Final File Delivery

  • Payment Reminders

  • Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

  • Follow Ups for Meetings

  • Reminders to Complete Forms

  • Post-Job Thank You

  • Post-Job Follow Ups

In preparation for workflows, we also encourage you to write a Canned Email for each form you'll be sending.

You'll be pairing up emails and forms in your workflow, so use this as an opportunity to keep your clients informed of where they're at in your process, what they are supposed to do with your form, and what's coming up next.

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