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What are client portals?
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Updated Feb 23, 2023

A client portal is a centralized place where your clients can log in and access all forms, invoices, appointments, email communication, and more!

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Do you need a client portal?

Client portals are completely optional, so having one may not be necessary for your business.

You might want to use client portals if:

  • Your clients want a centralized place to see all documents you've sent.

  • You want to reduce the number of emails with forms that you send by adding the forms to the client portal first.

  • You provide outside resources and you'd like to link to those resources in one place.

  • You want to make forms private.

  • Your clients have multiple projects with you and want one place to keep track of them all.

You might not need to use client portals if:

  • Your clients don’t want to deal with logging into a new webpage.

  • It’s easier for your clients to access your documents in an email.

  • You don't need to send out many forms.

Or, see what gets synced to help determine if you need the portal.

Activate or deactivate the client portal

Client portals all start out deactivated. See activate or deactivate client portals.

Customize the client portal

Share the client portal

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