Conversation mode allows you to send an email out through Dubsado and when your client replies, it goes to your email AND it gets logged in Dubsado.  There are a few steps you need to take to set that up.

1. Head to Brand Settings via the Gear icon in the upper corner then EMAILS.

2.  In EMAILS, be sure your outgoing email server is connected.  You can use Gmail OR any other host by clicking USE SMTP.

3.  If you have a Gsuite or Gmail email, no further steps are needed.  Conversation mode is already set up just by setting up your email.  If you used USE SMTP, you can read further. 

In your email server, paste the BRAND EMAIL ADDRESS into the forwarding address of your email host. 

FOR GMAIL, all you need to do to connect both incoming and outgoing is clicking the Google Sign in.  There is no need to add a forwarding address.  JUST LOGIN on the EMAILS page here and you are set! 


NOTE:  Since most actions are required on your end through your host there is not really a ways for us to help troubleshoot if something is not working.  You will have to check with your host to see if things are forwarding correctly. WILL NOT allow for conversation mode to be turned on.

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