Dubsado is organized around projects. Everything you do with a client, such as sending a contract, creating an invoice, even sending a simple email, happens inside a project.

Although you can add clients to your address book without creating projects, we recommend adding a new client while creating a new project so that you can get started working with them right away.

Just click Create New Client while creating a project.

When the new project opens, you'll see the client's information in the project sidebar.

Once you start using a lead capture form to bring in new leads, Dubsado will add each new client to the address book and set up a project for them automatically, making this process much more seamless!

👋 Here's a tip... the address book is meant to be used as a reference tool where you can look up clients and projects you've had with them. Contracts and invoices cannot be sent to clients through the address book; you must send them through a project.

We recommend keeping all of your client communication - emails, forms, and invoices - inside of projects to stay organized!

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