You guys, bookkeeping is HERE. We have waited so long for this day and are excited it has finally arrived. This is BOOKKEEPING PHASE 1. Just the first phase of what we expect to be 3!

This phase 1 includes:
 - Record of all transactions
 - Adding income
 - Adding expenses
 - Seeing net profits per job
 - .CSV export option of transactions
 - Tax balances & showing records of payments
 - Easy to Read Reports


This is the place to overview every penny received, applied and spent in Dubsado. Your transaction history!

By clicking FILTERS SHOW you can access the drop down to a more refined search for what you are looking for.


This page also gives you FULL control on keeping your books looking organized. The main part and hardest part of taxes is going through your income and expenses and categorizing them. We have made that as easy as possible and all accessible through the transactions page. As you can see probably most of your transactions have the category “uncategorized”. To start categorizing past income in Dubsado, just click those little gears on the item you want to categorize.

On this pop up you can see the invoice line items that are attached to that transaction and you can start applying the categories to them. If you do not have a category yet, just create a new one!


We love the option to add expenses in Dubsado’s bookkeeping so you can really see how much your business makes per job, per year, or every month. I think the most exciting thing is being able to tie an expense to a job and see the NET profit from that job. To add an expense, you can do so two ways...

First, through the TRANSACTION page. In the top right corner click the add expense button.

This pop up will let you fill in all the appropriate info for that expense. You can select to apply it to a job or not. By applying an expense to a job you will be able to click into that job later and see the net income. It is important to categorize your expenses as well. HERE is a breakdown of some examples expense categories to give you an idea.

Once you add that expense it will be on your transaction page and all set in your Dubsado account.

Secondly, you can add expenses through the particular invoice. Just click into that job through the JOBS page, then on that invoice click MANAGE INVOICES. Then click ADD EXPENSE. After adding that expense you can see your net income on the invoice!


Most of your income will be directly related to a job coming from ACH, Credit Card or however your client pays you and you can record that on the invoice of the job. But we did want to give you the option to add income on the transaction page as well. What if you received a tip or bonus from a client and want to apply it to a job, this is the perfect place to do that! Just click the add income button in the top right hand side of the transactions page.


If you are applying any kind of sales tax or other taxes to your invoices, this is the place to keep that all organized. Here you know exactly how much you need to pay to the appropriate government entities. Once you make that payment, apply it here so it is reflected in your profits and losses!


This is the grand total categorical breakdown. See how much spent or made in each category. Here you can easily view the list transactions in the category, edit a category name or delete a category.

Also, if you needed to create new income or expense categories, you can do so by clicking the buttons on the top right hand corner of the page.

You have pretty much every capability on this page as you did the transactions page!


The fun, “pretty” stuff. Here you can see nice visuals of income, expenses, profits, and sales. Filter it out for the last year, YTD, Last 3 Months, Last Month, or set to your own custom date range.


From now on, taxes will be a breeze because whenever you create an invoice you can AUTOMATICALLY apply these categories so you won't have to do it at the end of the year. Here's how.

Go into PACKAGES and add categories to the items in your packages. That way, when you add these packages to your invoices the category is already in there.

So go into those packages and add those categories NOW! You'll thank yourself later! ;)

Welcome to Dubsado Bookkeeping. Have any questions, let us know! If there is something missing you want, most likely it is planned. :) So don't you worry.
 For those who love videos:

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