Canned email templates

Create email templates to save time and create consistency.

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Updated Mar 10, 2023

Create canned email templates for frequently used emails that you can quickly send or use in a workflow. View and manage your canned email template library under Templates >> Canned Emails.

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Default canned email templates

System default emails — found under the Edit Templates dropdown — can’t be deleted. However, you may edit them just like any other email template.

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Dubsado automatically uses the following templates in certain situations and can’t be swapped out for a different canned email:

  • Send Invoice (only for recurring invoices; you can pick a different email when sending a one-time invoice)

  • Contract Completed

  • Appointment Rescheduled

  • Appointment Cancelled

  • Form Reminder

  • Autopay Failed

  • Autopay Cancelled

  • Autopay Enrollment Confirmed

Create a canned email template

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  1. Go to Templates >> Canned Emails.

  2. Click New Canned Response.

  3. Enter a title for your canned email template. This is not visible to the client.

  4. Enter a subject line.

  5. Write the body of the email.

  6. Click Save & Close.

Formatting canned emails

Add a Dubsado form

Dubsado forms, invoices, and schedulers get sent in an email using smart fields. See link to a Dubsado form for detailed information.

Add smart fields

Use smart fields to autofill details about a project or client by clicking on Smart Field in the toolbar. See personalize your emails with smart fields for detailed information.

Change text format

Click the A icon in the toolbar to access different style options, such as bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, and more.

box over the style icon

Add an external link

Click the A icon in the toolbar, followed by the link icon. See add an external link for more information.

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Insert an image

Click the A icon in the toolbar, followed by the image icon.

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Add an attachment

Files can’t be added to email templates as an attachment — files can only be attached to emails that you send manually while in the client’s project. Add the file as an external link instead.

Search for canned emails

Search for a canned email with the Filter Emails search bar.

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Send an email template to your client

See send a canned email to a client for more information.


Does editing an email template edit the email in a workflow as well?

No. Adding an email template to the workflow creates a copy of the template. Editing templates won’t affect email templates already added to a workflow.

How do I add an email signature?

Go to Templates >> Canned Emails >> Signature.

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