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What is a multi-user?

Securely give your assistant or team members access to your brand.

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Updated Aug 29, 2023

Dubsado provides multi-login access which gives an additional user the ability to view certain parts of your brand. You can customize the level of access by choosing a role for each user.

Multi-users you invite will create their own Dubsado account for free. They will use their own login to access your brand, giving you the flexibility to revoke that access at any time. Never share your Dubsado password with anyone, even temporarily.

Benefits of adding a multi-user

If you work with an assistant or additional team members in your business, you may benefit from adding them as multi-users to your brand in Dubsado.

By inviting an assistant or team member as a multi-user in your brand, you'll be able to:

  • Securely provide access to projects and client profiles in your brand without sharing your login details.

  • Restrict access to projects, invoices, contracts, or templates by setting an appropriate user role.

  • Allow an assistant or team member to communicate with clients on your behalf, through the email account connected to the brand.

  • Enable members of your team to assist with creating templates for forms, canned emails, workflows, and more.

  • Remove a multi-user at any time to revoke access to your account, ensuring your data remains secure if you part ways.

Additionally, multi-users can customize their notification preferences and receive an email when you assign a task or project to them.

Adding a multi-user to your brand does not include the following

  • Connecting additional email accounts for outgoing emails. Only one email account may be connected per brand. Multi-users will not be able to send messages from their own email accounts in your brand.

  • Scheduling with specific multi-users. The Dubsado scheduler only integrates with the brand owner's calendar. You will not be able to create different schedulers for different multi-users, or automatically assign appointments to different multi-users based on their availability.

  • Robust task management and internal document collaboration. Dubsado is geared toward communicating with your clients and will not replace other team collaboration tools you may already have in place. While the simplicity of tasks in Dubsado may work well for some teams, others may prefer to use a dedicated platform for task management.


With a paid subscription plan, you can add up to three (3) additional multi-users for free. That does not include you, the brand owner! So you can give access to three team members in addition to yourself for no additional charge.

For more than three multi-users, there is an additional monthly fee on top of your subscription based on the following tiers:

  • 4 - 10 users: additional $25/month

  • 11 - 20 users: additional $45/month

  • 21 - 30 users: additional $60/month


I'm on a trial account, can I add multi-users?

The multi-user feature is not available while on a trial. You must have an active paid subscription to invite multi-users.

Does each multi-user need to pay for their own Dubsado account?

Nope! Each multi-user does need to create their own Dubsado account, but they do not need to enroll in a paid subscription plan. If the person you'd like to invite already has a Dubsado account, be sure to send the invite to the email address associated with their existing Dubsado account for easy access.

Do I need to add my clients as multi-users?

No, your clients will not need to log in to your Dubsado brand to access the forms and invoices you send them. With a paid subscription, there is no limit to the number of clients you can add! Think of providing multi-user access like providing the keys to the back office of your business.

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