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Share a lead capture form
Share a lead capture form

Embed your lead capture on your website or share a direct link.

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Updated Feb 3, 2023

Once you’ve created your lead capture form, you can embed it on your website or share a direct link with potential clients.

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What you need before sharing a lead capture form

  • An active Dubsado subscription. While on a free trial, you’re limited to three clients. Publicly sharing the lead capture could fill those client slots up quickly, and new clients won't get saved in Dubsado. Upgrade to a paid plan by going to Settings >> Billing.

  • A website to easily embed your form to start collecting leads.

How to share your lead capture

  1. Go to Templates >> Forms.

  2. Click on the specific lead capture form you want to share.

  3. Click Sharing Icon on the sidebar. If the icon is grayed out, click Save form first.

    arrow pointing to sharing icon
  4. Copy either the Embed code or Direct link.

👋 Here’s a tip… Any changes you make to your lead capture form will automatically update on your embedded form and direct link!

Embed the lead capture form on your website

To display the lead capture form on your website, copy and paste the embed code. For information on embedding, click one of the options below or consult with your specific hosting platform:

Share the direct link

The direct link will open up the form directly so you do not need to embed it on your own website. Use this to share your lead capture form on social media, as a button, or as a text link.

screenshot of direct link

Automate your lead capture form

Bring new leads into Dubsado with an outside form

If your outside form is compatible with Zapier, you can send new leads to Dubsado when your form is filled out. Check out our webinar on Dubsado and Zapier.

Troubleshoot lead capture forms

See troubleshoot lead capture forms for common lead capture form errors.

Sharing a lead capture on a Starter plan

Sharing two or more lead capture forms at once is only available on the Premier plan. On the Starter plan, you may share one lead capture form at a time.

Activate the lead capture form:

  1. Go to Templates >> Forms.

  2. Click on the lead capture form that you would like to activate.

  3. Click the Sharing icon.

  4. Click Activate this form. A popup will appear.

    activate this form popup
  5. Click Activate. You don’t need to save the form for the activation to take effect.

After activating the new form, the previous lead capture deactivates immediately and clients can’t submit the old form. Update all links or embed codes with the newly activated form.


Why can't I see the share button on my form?

Only lead capture forms and public proposals can be shared with an embed code or direct link. Questionnaires, sub-agreements, and contracts can’t be shared publicly and must be sent either through a project or to a client directly using the forms tab in Utilities >> Address Book.

If I make changes to my lead capture, do I need to re-embed it or copy a new direct link?

Nope! Once you save changes to your lead capture, those changes will update automatically on your website (if embedded) and at the direct link.

Can I embed the form on my site and send out the direct link simultaneously?

Yes. Both embedding the form and sharing the link will take clients to the same exact form.

How can I tell which lead capture forms are currently being filled out?

  1. Click on the Notifications icon.

  2. You will see the title of the completed lead capture form.

  3. Go to Templates >> Forms to find the lead capture with the matching title.

notifications indicating which lead capture was submitted
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