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Connect a payment processor with Dubsado Payments, Square, or PayPal
Connect a payment processor with Dubsado Payments, Square, or PayPal

Connecting a payment processor allows your clients to make a payment right from a Dubsado invoice.

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Updated April 9, 2024

Before you send an invoice to a client, you'll want to connect a payment processor to Dubsado so clients can pay the invoice! Dubsado will also automatically keep track of paid or unpaid invoices for you.

Dubsado integrates with Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe, Square, or PayPal. Using these third-party payment processors means your payments are protected by their security practices and compliance regulations.

👋 Here’s a tip… You can still send invoices with Dubsado without connecting a payment processor — just don’t forget to manually record the payment for the invoice after your client pays you.

Connect a payment processor

You can connect either Dubsado Payments or Square to Dubsado but not both. You can connect PayPal as your single payment processor or in addition to Dubsado Payments or Square. Connecting PayPal with Dubsado Payments or Square provides more payment options for your clients!

To connect a payment processor in Dubsado:

  1. Go to Settings > Payments and invoices.

  2. If prompted, enter your Country and Currency.

  3. Click Continue. The payment processor options will appear.

  4. Click Get Started to connect with Dubsado Payments. Or, click show other processors and click Connect to connect to Square or PayPal. You’ll be redirected to log in or create an account with them.

  5. After you sync your payment processor with Dubsado, you’ll be brought back to Dubsado. Your chosen payment processor will say Connected.

Differences between Dubsado Payments, Square, and PayPal

For each payment processor, you may choose whether to accept credit cards, ACH, or both. See the table below for a comparison:

Accepts credit or debit cards

Accepts bank transfer (ACH)

Compatible with autopay

Dubsado Payments


Yes (US only)

Credit cards, debit cards and ACH are compatible




Credit or debit cards only





Square integration limits:

  • With Dubsado, ACH payments are not available through Square. ACH payments are only able to be processed with Dubsado Payments.

  • Due to Square’s integration, when you view a payment on Square, you won’t see the client name and email address associated with the payment.

  • In-person payments with a card reader won’t automatically apply to a Dubsado invoice, so you’ll need to manually apply the payment.

PayPal integration limits:

  • PayPal is not compatible with autopay. For more information, please see our autopay enrollment settings.

  • Dubsado cannot help you recover payments if you enter an incorrect email address and funds go to the wrong account.

Payment processing fees

No one likes fees, but processing fees are a standard part of doing business that protects you and your transactions.

Processing fees depend entirely on your payment processor. Fortunately, Dubsado does not charge any additional payment fees!

For the most up-to-date information on fees, head to the following links:

Bank transfer option for non-US banks

If you’re unable to accept credit cards and you don’t have a United States bank account, the alternative is to include payment instructions directly in your Dubsado invoices!

You can do this from Settings > Payments and invoices. Scroll down to Invoice Terms and add payment instructions that will appear at the top or bottom of the invoice.

What your clients see

After you connect a payment processor to Dubsado, all invoices will display a Pay Now button. Your clients can select a payment method to complete the payment!

Please keep in mind that credit cards aren’t saved in Dubsado. If you’d like to ensure that clients don’t miss any payments, we recommend setting up autopay so your clients are automatically charged when an invoice is due.


Do you plan on integrating with Venmo, Zelle, Klarna, Wise, or any other type of payment processor?

Dubsado currently integrates with Dubsado Payments, Square, and PayPal. After the launch of Dubsado Payments, we will be working to add additional payment options to Dubsado Payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, local payment methods like BACs, BECs, PADs, and SEPA, and even in-person payments. We do not plan on integrating with other payment processors at this time.

How long does it take for my money to transfer to my account?

Since Dubsado does not come into direct contact with your payments, transfer times depend entirely on your payment processor. If you notice long transfer times, we recommend you contact Square or PayPal directly. If you're connected with Dubsado Payments, more info on payouts can be found here - or you can send our Customer Care team a chat!

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