Because Dubsado does not collect any payment from your clients directly, we integrate with the third-party payment processors Stripe, Square and PayPal.

Once you connect one of these processors to your Dubsado account, your client will be able to click a Pay Now button on their invoice to seamlessly make their payment.

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What is a payment processor?

A payment processor is a company that securely transacts payments from your clients, such as credit card payments, and makes the funds available to deposit into your bank account.

Once you connect a payment processor to Dubsado, a Pay Now button will automatically appear on all of your invoices. From here, your client can select a method of payment and the processor will take care of the rest.

Dubsado never comes into contact with your client's payment information or the funds from the transaction - this is all handled securely by the processor.

Once the transaction is complete, the payment will automatically be logged on the invoice and under Reporting >> Transactions.

Payment processor options

We integrate with Stripe, Square and PayPal. If you have accounts with all three, you'll need to choose between connecting either Stripe or Square. You can always connect PayPal on its own or in addition to either Stripe or Square.


Stripe will give you the most options for processing payments. Clients can pay via credit card or e-Check (also known as bank transfer or ACH). Payment by e-Check is only available for customers of select banks in the United States, but it offers a much lower payment processing fee than a credit card transaction.

Stripe is compatible with autopay on recurring invoices when the client pays with credit card.


Square allows credit card payments and is also compatible with autopay on recurring invoices.

Due to limitations with integrating with Square, you will not see any client information associated with the payment when you look it up in Square. If this is important to you, you may prefer to use Stripe.


PayPal allows clients to pay with credit card or their PayPal account balance. Clients are not required to log in to a PayPal account to submit a payment.

⚠️ Heads up! PayPal is not compatible with autopay on recurring invoices.

Payment processing fees

Here's the good news: Dubsado does not collect any additional fees on top of what the payment processor charges!

In exchange for facilitating secure payments online, payment processors do take a small fee from each payment you receive. We recommend reviewing your processor's website for the most up to date information:

No one likes fees and it can be tough to see less come in to your bank account than what you originally invoiced. However, processing fees are a cost of doing business that allow you and your clients to be protected with each transaction. Connecting a payment processor to Dubsado not only provides your client a quick and easy way to pay, but it also opens the door to more automation!


What if I can't use any of the supported payment processors? Is there still a way to record payments on Dubsado invoices?

Yes, you can manually record a payment received outside of Dubsado to an invoice. Manually applying a payment works well for those clients who still want to send you a physical check or pay in cash.

Do I have to connect a payment processor to use Dubsado?

No. You can manually apply received payments to invoices. However, automation based on receiving payment may not work as smoothly, since you will be recording the payments manually.

If you would like to require payment for an appointment booked through the scheduler, you must connect a payment processor.

Is my client's payment information stored in Dubsado?

No, Dubsado never comes into contact with your client's payment information. All transactions are handled securely by the payment processor used. Once the transaction is complete, Dubsado automatically records the payment on the invoice.

Which payment processor works best with Dubsado?

It's ultimately up to you, but Stripe does allow ACH payments for customers of select banks in the United States, so we recommend that for the most flexibility in payment method. The benefit of ACH over credit card is that the processing fee tends to be much lower, so you get to keep more of your payment!

Additionally, we would caution against using PayPal if you have a service-based business with no tangible product for the client, due to PayPal's dispute policies.

Does Dubsado take a cut of each payment?

Not at all! Dubsado does not take any additional fees from your payments beyond what the processor charges.

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