Conversation mode allows you to send an email out through Dubsado and when your client replies, it goes to your email AND it gets logged in Dubsado.  There are a few steps you need to take to set that up.

The EMAILS tab in the Settings is where you can connect your email account so that any email sent from Dubsado will come from your email address and not Connecting your email is an important step to build trust and brand awareness with your clients and ensure your emails get delivered and don’t end up in spam.

Gmail and G Suite Users

If you have Gmail or a G Suite account for your custom email address, this is a one-step process. Simply click on the blue Sign in with Google button to sign into Google and connect your account. 

Conversation Mode will be set up by default as soon as you connect your account. You’re all set!


All Other Email Providers

Connecting Your Account

If you do not have a Google account, click “Use SMTP.” You’ll need to enter the outgoing server information from your email provider. Click Test to verify the connection. If you are running into troubles here, check out this article or reach out to our chat support.

Enabling Conversation Mode

Finally, under Incoming Emails, you will see a Brand Email Address. You’ll need to copy this address and paste it into the forwarding address of your email host (again, this is ONLY for NON-Google users). Most providers will not require a Forwarding Verification Code, but you can generate one here if needed.

Be sure to check the box on your host to keep a copy still going to your regular inbox.  

NOTE:  Since most actions are required on your end through your host there is not really a ways for us to help troubleshoot if something is not working.  You will have to check with your host to see if things are forwarding correctly. WILL NOT allow for conversation mode to be turned on.

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