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The beauty of Dubsado is you can use all features or just a few and still have a powerful tool saving you time.  We give you the power to set up in a way that fits and works for your business.  With our PROJECT funnels, Dubsado can help you get a handle on your leads and jobs by organizing them for your business' needs.

What is a funnel in Dubsado?
You have your lead funnel and your job funnel.  Here you can break down your processes or categorize your projects with statuses within a funnel, rather than just dumping them all on a page without and rhyme or reason.

Your lead funnel organizes your leads and your job funnel organizes your jobs.  Statuses are the items within the funnel.

How should you organize your funnels?
Any way you'd like, really!  So let's explore the 3 types of funnels you can set up.

1. By Category
(great for users with any types of services each with different processes)
Categorizing your funnel groups your projects by their type.  For example, say you are a designer.  Your leads are set up by flow, but your jobs are by category.  Below is an example of that.  You have your Web Design, Logo Design and Branding Clients all within a different status on that funnel.

You can use this Category style in both lead or job funnels.

2. By Flow
(great for users with projects that have similar processes and flows to them)
Organizing by flow of a project focuses on the actions that you take with projects.  For the same example...the designer wants her leads to flow by the steps she needs to take to carry them into a job.  Proposal Sent >> Phone Call Meeting >> Waiting for Contract >> Waiting for Payment.  Ultimately, when they make it to the end of the funnel, as a lead they become a job and in a job funnel when they complete it, the client's project is done.

You can use this Flow style in both lead or job funnels.

3. By The Basics
(great for any user just wanting to see all their jobs and all leads without any categorization)
There is NOTHING wrong with basics.  Keep it simple right?  By organizing your lead or job funnels this way, it keeps them very minimal. 

Here I have all my leads and all my jobs.  That is all.  When a lead becomes a job, I just move them over and when a job is completed, I archive it.

If that is too simple, you can add a few more statues to help. Example:

Keep it as simple or make it as intricate as you'd like.  Do what works for your business.  Once you build a funnel, it is not set in stone.  As business grows, new services get added, client processes shift, change the funnel statuses as well.  

How to create your funnels

To start creating your funnels, head into your PROJECTS tab and click CUSTOMIZE on the right.

Within the customize page, click ADD STATUS at the top right and start adding your lead and job funnels.  

To edit a funnel after it is added or to remove it, just click on it!

How to make a funnel always open up when viewing the page

If you would always like a specific funnel to open up each time you view the projects page, you can set that in CUSTOMIZE on the PROJECT page.

Once there, you can CHECK the box on the funnel / status you always want open:

Have any questions or need ideas for your funnel, our team is always here to help!

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