Proposals are huge! Being able to send your client your prices, then having them pick their package and/or add-ons, pay and sign a contract in one process. This gets you booked and paid faster. We all know that is the goal here ;)

 To get your proposals set up follow these steps:

1. SET UP YOUR PACKAGES:  Head to TEMPLATES >> PACKAGES and get all your packages in there.  If you have any sweet add-ons, add those in individual packages so your client can select those too if you want.  

2.  CREATE YOUR PROPOSAL TEMPLATE: Once done with adding all your packages, go into TEMPLATES >> FORMS and head to PROPOSALS.  Create a new one or work off of an existing one.

3. START DESIGNING AND ADDING IN PACKAGES: Once in your proposal template, you will see some awesome options to getting your proposal set up. 

"This quote expires on" - sets an expiration date for the quote to be filled out.  Once this date has passed, your client will not be able to sign or pay the invoice.

"Show Contract" - Adds in the option for a signing of the contract.  If you check that, be sure to pick the contract from the drop down.

"Add Auto Generated Invoice" - Add in the option for the client to pay after completing the package options

."Allow Client to Choose Multiple Packages" - This allows the client to choose more than one package option.  This is perfect if you have any add-ons you want your client to have in addition to their main package. 

"Payment Schedule?" - If you want your client to have a payment schedule with this invoice you will be sending, pick one from the dropdown.

"Convert to Job" - Since most likely those you send this to are LEADS, what makes them a job in your book.  Choose from changing from a LEAD to a JOB automatically when: quote is submitted, contract is signed, invoice is paid or never (if you want to do it manually). 

4. ADD IN PACKAGES:  If you scroll down on that sidebar a bit, you will see the usual drag and drop form options.  Except for proposals there is a little something special, PACKAGES.  Click and drag the page to where you want it to go.

5. PICK THE PACKAGE AND FORMAT IT:  Once you added the package, click on it and pick which one you want.  You'll see it pop up with the {{  }}  you are used to in Dubsado ;) This is just a sample of what it could be!  In the variable options in the tool bar, click PACKAGES to see what you can add.


Name: This is the title of the package

Quantity: If you want to give your clients the option to choose a package quantity when in their check out process, you can add the quantity box.  They will select the package and then enter in the number they would like.

Total:This is the grand total of that specific package

Items Names & Amounts: This is a "invoice view" of the items in your package with the name, quantity, and total.  

Item Names: This just lists out the item names in the package.

Checkbox: Your client can choose this package by checking a checkbox.


Button: Or your client can choose this package by selecting this button.

6. FORMAT HOWEVER YOU WANT: By highlighting the variables in the text field you can make any part of the package larger, different font, etc. 

7.  SAVE and APPLY: Once done, save and apply to the lead or into a lead capture workflow.  

Also, proposals can be done like a quote! 

Any questions? Email us!

Also, proposals can be done like a quote! In this second video, I go through 2 ways to do Quote-Like Proposals.  The first way works off of the invoice.  The second way (starts in at 3:43), allows for more customization and uses packages.  This second way is most popular.  

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