Dubsado Basics
A short video series introducing Dubsado’s key features.
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Wondering what Dubsado is all about? These mini-lessons cover everything you need to know to get started, from the big picture to the first steps, all in 30 minutes!

In this series

1. Your Destination

The first step to success with Dubsado is knowing where you're headed. Check out this big-picture overview of what it could look like to use Dubsado in your business.

Wondering if Dubsado is right for your business?

2. Your Roadmap

With so many features and things to customize, it can be tough to know where to start! We've got your Dubsado set up covered with a three-step roadmap: Learn it, Build it, Use it.

3. Projects

Everything you do with a client, such as sending a contract, creating an invoice, even sending a simple email, starts with a project. In this mini-lesson, we'll show you creative ways to use projects - even if you're not a project-based business.

Learn more about projects:

4. Forms

You can create contracts, sub-agreements, questionnaires, and lead captures in Dubsado. Learn all about the different types of forms and when to use them below.

Learn more about forms:

5. Getting Paid

This mini-lesson introduces options for billing your clients in Dubsado, including invoices, payment plans, and automated email reminders.

Learn more about getting paid:

6. Proposals

Proposals allow your clients to choose a package, sign the contract, and pay their invoice all in one place! This mini-lesson explains how proposals can streamline the booking process for both standardized pricing and custom quoting.

Learn more about proposals:

7. Schedulers

The Dubsado scheduler makes it easier to book appointments, manage your calendar, and automate your business. Check out the mini-lesson below for a quick scheduling overview, and for help deciding if the scheduler is a good fit for your business.

Learn more about schedulers:

8. Workflow Automation

Interested in adding automation? Take a sneak peek at what's possible with workflows in the mini-lesson below.

Learn more about workflows:

9. Getting Started in Your Account

Get started in your account today with these quick and easy steps!

Wondering if Dubsado is right for your business?

Ready to learn more?

Start building your account today with our Dubsado Beginner Course.

This free online course provides a roadmap for your account setup journey, as well as step-by-step instructions for customizing a Dubsado account that fits your business. Say goodbye to spinning your wheels in the dark - we've got you covered on all things projects, settings, forms, getting paid, and scheduling.

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