Welcome.  So great to have you here.  Whether you are a new user or an existing Dubsado user wanting to learn the system more in-depth, this is the perfect place to be.  These bite size videos will get you through all the how-tos to getting set up at a pace you want.  Thank you for being here.  Please let us know if we can be of any help.  We are here for you.

Don't forget we also offer:

Free form template input: Email us (hello@dubsado.com) up to 10 templates and we can input those into your Dubsado account.

Free White Glove Migration: Coming from another CRM and need to transfer data?  We are here to help! 

VIDEO #1: The Dubsado Dashboard

VIDEO #2: Setting up your Brand Settings

VIDEO #3: Setting up your Template Forms (Contracts, Sub-Agreements, and Questionnaires)

VIDEO #4: Setting up your Packages

VIDEO #5.1: Setting up your Proposals (clients picking their own packages)

VIDEO #5.2: Setting up your Proposal (in a quote like form for more customized clients)

VIDEO #6: Building and Setting up Your Lead Capture Forms

VIDEO #7: Canned Emails

VIDEO #8: Intro to Workflow

VIDEO # 8.1: Setting up Workflows

VIDEO #9: Payment Schedules

VIDEO #10: How to Send a Form

VIDEO #11: Using "Projects"

VIDEO #12: Client Portals

VIDEO #13: Task Boards

Need help more specific to your business? Book a free call with our Account Solutions Team! 

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