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All about projects in the mobile app
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Updated July 8, 2024

With the Dubsado mobile app, your projects are right at your fingertips! Logging into the mobile app and selecting your brand will immediately take you to your main hub: the Projects page.

Projects page layout

If you’re familiar with Dubsado’s desktop site, the mobile app’s projects page should look somewhat familiar - with some aesthetic updates.

In the top left of your screen, your current brand will be displayed, along with that brand’s logo. Tap your brand name or logo to choose a different brand to view.

In the top right of your screen, tap the magnifying glass icon to search for an existing project.

At the bottom of your screen, the main navigation menu is displayed. These options will always show up at the bottom of your screen, no matter where you go within the app. From left to right, these options include:

  • Projects: tap to access your Projects page

  • Inbox: tap to access your general inbox (coming soon!)

  • Events: tap to access your Dubsado calendar

  • Notifications: tap to view the current brand’s notifications

  • More: tap to send us a chat, log out of the app, or access the client list (also coming soon!)

Project statuses

Across the top portion of the page, you can access your existing Lead and Job statuses, as well as the Combined and Archived funnels.

Drag the list of statuses left or right to access your different statuses and funnels, and then tap your desired status to view the projects assigned to that status.

Your default project status should match your settings on desktop. While on the mobile app, you won’t be able to update your default project status or add new statuses, so head to Dubsado’s desktop site to make changes and updates using the Customize button on the main projects page.

Project sorting

Within each project status, the projects will be listed according to your most recent sorting view on desktop. You can tap on the current sorting method to choose from the following sorting methods:

  • Recently created

  • Project date: Descending

  • Project date: Ascending

  • Title

Projects list

Projects will be listed under their assigned status, with each card showing the project’s important details at a glance.

  • Project titles are bolded and listed at the top of the card

  • The client’s name and project date are listed below

  • If the project has any tags applied, they’ll appear underneath the client’s name and project date

  • The project’s status will be listed at the bottom of the card

To view a project, tap anywhere on its card.

🔥 New feature - emojis!

You can now assign a custom emoji to your projects. Use emojis to help you identify different projects visually, or just have fun with them! Access each project individually to change its emoji.

Change status, archive, or delete a project

To change a project’s status, archive a project, or delete a project, tap the three dots (…) in the bottom right corner of a project’s card.

Keep in mind that in order to delete a project, the project must not contain a contract, sub-agreements, invoices, or payments.

Within the app, you can remove a contract or sub-agreement by heading to the Forms tab within a project. However at the moment, invoices and payments can only be deleted from Dubsado’s desktop site.

Inside of a project

Similar to Dubsado’s desktop site, projects in the mobile app are organized with tabs. Tapping a tab at the top of your screen will take you to that section within the project.

From left to right, the tabs within a project are as follows. Follow the links below for more information on each section!

No matter where you navigate within a project, the project’s emoji, the project’s title, the client’s name, and the project date (if a project date is set) will be displayed at the very top of the screen.

Tap the back arrow in the top left corner of your screen to return to the main Projects page anytime, and tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to archive or delete the project.

Info tab

When you access a project, you’ll first land on the Info tab. The details found within this tab mirror the details found within the project sidebar on Dubsado’s desktop site.

Here, you can view information regarding this project, as well as update some of the fields. See below for the full list of elements that you can interact with.

  1. Tap the Pencil icon at the top of the page to update the project title, project date, and your availability setting for that project date.

  2. Tap the Emoji to set a custom emoji for the project.

  3. Tap the Status bar to the right of the emoji to select a status for the project.

  4. Tap the client’s phone number to call the client, straight from the app!

  5. Tap View all client details to view additional client information, like their alternate contact, address, and any client custom mapped fields.

  6. Tap the down arrow next to “Custom project fields” to view custom project field information.

  7. Tap the Pencil icon next to “Project location” to update the project location.

  8. Portal: when inactive, tap Activate portal to activate the client portal. When active, tap the three dots to either set a password or deactivate the client portal.

  9. Tap the Pencil icon next to “Tags” to apply or remove existing tags.

  10. Project source: when a project source is applied, tap the X icon to remove it. When no project source is applied, tap Select a project source to apply a project source to the project.

To update client details, like the client’s name, phone number, and email address, you’ll need to log in to Dubsado’s desktop site. The same is true for adding or editing information within custom mapped project or client fields.

Mobile App Roadmap

Curious about features and functionality that we plan to add to the mobile app? Check out our mobile app roadmap to see of a full list of the features we’re planning and working on! There, you can let us know how important our upcoming updates would be to you, and submit new ideas.

Don’t forget that you can chat our Customer Care team anytime by sending an email to, or by heading to the More tab within the mobile app.

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