After you get your branding and login set up, the next order of business is connecting your payment processor, email account, and calendar! These settings are essential if you want to take full advantage of everything Dubsado can do for your business.

This article will walk you through these settings step-by-step. Let's get started!


Receive Money

The RECEIVE MONEY tab in the Settings will allow you to connect your payment processor so your clients can pay you right on the invoices you send from Dubsado! First, you’ll need to set your country and currency:

Next you’ll be able to connect your processor. Dubsado connects with Stripe, Square, and PayPal. You can connect either Stripe or Square (but not both) and PayPal on its own or in addition to one of the other processors. Be sure you are currently logged out of your payment processor and then click on one of the buttons to connect your account.

To learn more about accepting payments. click here.



The EMAILS tab in the Settings is where you can connect your email account so that any email sent from Dubsado will come from your email address and not Connecting your email is an important step to build trust and brand awareness with your clients and ensure your emails get delivered and don’t end up in spam.


Gmail and G Suite Users

If you have Gmail or a G Suite account for your custom email address, this is a one-step process. Simply click on the blue Sign in with Google button to sign into Google and connect your account. You’re all set!


All Other Email Providers

If you do not have a Google account, click “Use SMTP.” You’ll need to enter the outgoing server information from your email provider. Click Test to verify the connection. If you are running into troubles here, check out this article or reach out to our chat support.

Finally, under Incoming Emails, you will see a Brand Email Address. You’ll need to copy this address and paste it into the forwarding address of your email host (again, this is ONLY for NON-Google users). Most providers will not require a Forwarding Verification Code, but you can generate one here if needed.

For more information on connecting your email, check out this collection of articles!


Calendar Settings

Head to the CALENDAR tab on the main menu and click on CALENDAR SETTINGS in the upper right corner. Connecting an external calendar account (Google, Apple, etc.) to Dubsado here will:

  • Allow you to see events from your external calendar in Dubsado
  • Sync Dubsado-created events, like scheduled appointments, tasks with due dates, and projects, to your external calendar
  • Enable the Dubsado Scheduler to read events on your external calendar and automatically block off your availability to prevent double bookings

Click on the Sync Calendar button to get started. This will open up a new window asking you to select your calendar account provider. You will then be lead through the sign in process to get connected. Some providers will require you to have an app-specific password - check out these articles for troubleshooting assistance.

Once your account is connected, you’ll see a list of all the calendars you have on that account. Click on the cloud icon next to the calendars you want to sync with Dubsado.

For each calendar you sync, you’ll need to choose whether you want to

  • Import that calendar’s events into Dubsado
  • Export Dubsado’s events to that calendar
  • or both

We recommend turning Export on for ONE CALENDAR ONLY - otherwise you may see multiple copies of Dubsado events. If you have any calendars that you DON’T want Dubsado to check for scheduling availability, be sure to leave Import for those calendars off.

You’re all set!


Bonus: International Settings

It’s a good idea to give the SETTINGS >> INTERNATIONAL SETTINGS tab a check, especially if you are not based in the United States. You’ll want to verify that your locale and time zone are correct here.


Got your settings in order and ready to learn about the dashboard? Right this way!

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