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Dubsado resources for virtual assistants and multi-users
Dubsado resources for virtual assistants and multi-users
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Updated Oct 31, 2023

A roundup of help articles for VAs and multi-users to quickly learn common tasks in Dubsado.

Emails and sending forms

Disconnect and reconnect your email

Where to go in Dubsado to reset your email account.

Email integration basics

Learn the basics of Dubsado email, including connecting your email, replying to clients, and importing outside emails.

Schedule an email to send later

Set scheduled emails to go out at specified dates and times.

Send a proposal, questionnaire, or sub-agreement

Send these specific forms to clients by email or through a workflow.

Send multiple forms in one email

Instead of sending multiple emails, send multiple links in a single email.


Organize projects

Customize the projects page to better organize your work.

Project statuses

Understand what project statuses are and how to change them.


Connect an external calendar

How to integrate an external calendar, such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, with Dubsado.

Connect video conferencing

How to integrate Zoom, Google Meets, GoTo Meeting, or Microsoft Teams with Dubsado.

Connect QuickBooks

How to integrate QuickBooks with Dubsado.

Connect Xero

How to integrate Xero with Dubsado.

Connect Zapier

How to integrate Zapier with Dubsado.


Workflow errors

Understand common workflow errors like Too late to send, Invalid header, or Rate limit exceeded.

Manage approval and todo items in workflows

Learn how to create approval and todo items in workflows, as well as how to approve actions and complete todo tasks.

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