Dubsado On-boarding Checklist

Keep this open on a different tab and you can refer back to it as you go along.  This check list will be covering the basics needed to get your account going and set up quickly.

Your Brand Settings 

Click the gear at the top right of the page to access these settings.

  • Branding - Add your logo and your address if you'd like that to appear on invoices.
  • Dashboard - Set your dashboard setting view you'd like to have.
  • Portal - If client portals will be something you want to use with your clients, you can customize those settings here and to preview, head into a client to view.
  • International Settings - If you need to change any location settings, do so there.
  • Receive Money - A very important tab in your settings.  This is how your clients will pay you when you invoice them.  Connect your payment processor there.  We connect to Stripe, Square and PayPal.  The fee is 2.9% plus .30 cents per transaction. For Stripe's ACH it is only 0.8% fee max of $5.  Really good for large transactions.  These are just the standard processing fees that the processor charges.
  • Calendar - Connect your calendar (Google, iCal, etc...) so that items can sync both in and out of Dubsado.
  • Emails - Another very important tab.  Connect your email here so that when you send an email out in Dubsado it comes from your email address and not Dubsado's.
  • Custom Mapped Fields - If you are wanting to intake specific info from your clients and have them auto-populate elsewhere, custom fields are great for customizing Dubsado for your needs.

Templates - Your Documents and Systems


Your templates can be found in TEMPLATES >> FORMS from the main menu. (Don't forget, if you need help inputting these items, Dubsado offers to input your first 10 forms for free.  Just email over to us hello@dubsado.com)

  • Add a contract  - Contracts are legally binding agreements you can send clients.
  • Add a subagreement - Sub-agreements are great additional contracts. Perfect for NDA's, releases, anything in addition to the main contract that still need a legally binding signature. 
  • Add a questionnaire - Questionnaires are great for collecting info from clients.  Questionnaires are great for welcome packets, proofing systems, or just any other form you previously had as a PDF outside of Dubsado. 
  • Add a proposal - Proposals are docs you send your clients so they can pick your services or collections, sign the contract and pay the invoice all in one.  Example of how that works here.
  • Add a lead capture form - These are embeddable forms that replace a contact from on your site.  Once a potential client fills this out on your site, they are emailed to you and entered into Dubsado as a lead. 


You can set up your canned emails in TEMPLATES >> CANNED EMAILS


You can set up your packages in TEMPLATES >> PACKAGES

  • Add a package  - Packages can be created on proposals as well.  But packages also act like invoice templates that you can easily add to invoices to build out the services or products you are billing clients for. 


You can set up your workflow in TEMPLATES >> WORKFLOW.  You might want to hold off on this process until you have created all your forms and canned emails.  


You can set up payment schedules in TEMPLATES >> PAYMENT SCHEDULES.  


Project funnels are a great way to stay up to date with progress of your leads and job.  It is essentially the flow from on-boarding to off-boarding your clients.  It is to show you where your projects are at in the process. OR it is a nice way to filter your projects into different categories.  It is up to you how you want to use it.  Some great uses for funnels can be found here. 

  • Create your lead funnel - Organize by project category, flow of project or keep it basic.
  • Create your job funnel - Organize by project category, flow of project or keep it basic.

Test everything yourself to see how it works

  • Create a “test” job with yourself as the client.  Head to PROJECTS >> NEW PROJECT to create it.  
  • Add a contract to the job
  • Activate the client portal
  • Add a form
  • Send a form
  • Apply a workflow
  • Send a message
  • Add an invoice line item
  • Send an invoice

TESTING TIP:  When you are testing, be sure to LOG OUT OF DUBSADO if you are TEST signing any contracts and such...that way you get the full client view.  Otherwise, if you are logged in, Dubsado will see you as the business owner! 

Still need some help?  Email or chat us.  We are here to help!

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